Hello everyone. I appreciate your replies and discussions to the posts and videos and I would like to respond

admin August 17, 2023

Every election cycle, we the people are given an impossible task. We have to decide who we believe should

admin July 22, 2023

You, like I, work tirelessly everyday to keep our heads above water. Keeping our rent & mortgage paid, food

admin July 17, 2023

The government is supposed to be blind to one's color, race, religion, culture, sexual preference,… pick your group. The

admin July 2, 2023

We have a history of prosperous, well to do commanders in chief. I believe it is possible for a

admin June 30, 2023

What is the 4th of July, and why do we celebrate it? July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress adopted

admin June 3, 2023

The politicians, from federal down to the local level,  love to make big statements and promises that they think

admin May 10, 2023

Was Congress and the Office of President intended to be in the hands of professional politicians, or did the

admin April 11, 2023