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Our Nation Under “The Almighty”

The government is supposed to be blind to one’s color, race, religion, culture, sexual preference,… pick your group. The government is supposed to treat all citizens equally with equal rights and protection, which is granted by our great nation’s founding laws. The government should not be promoting one group of people over the other as this will truly divide this country and tear us apart from within. The president took an oath to protect this great nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet it is he who is threatening the unity of this country with his agendas. By putting a group of people, an ideology, above and before the people of America, it shows that he believes his agenda comes first and America comes last.

It is important to know our history. When we reflect on the American Revolution, I feel it is essential to know the name Betsy Ross. She helped George Washington bring together, design and sew the first United States flag. A flag that stands for freedom and liberty. A flag for which we stand today with our hands over our heart and recite the pledge allegiance. In our flag’s meaning, the 13 alternating red and white stripes represent the 13 original colonies. Currently, the 50 white stars on a blue field represent 50 states. White signifies purity and innocence. Red hardiness. Blue perseverance, vigilance to bring justice. It represents our courage, fearlessness and bravery, especially in battle. The United States flag, its stars and stripes, represent a belief that transcends your color, your race, and your beliefs. They are “The American Dream.”

The president and his cabinet placed a “Pride” flag in a place of honor in the White House next to our stars and stripes. A place where it should not be at all. Those stars and stripes of our American flag represent what our military troops, men and women have died for. It represents what the American people stands for, which is for America to come first. The whole idea of the United States flag of America for which it stands, one nation, under “The Almighty” is to unite. Indivisible with liberty and justice and brought together for ALL as one. when you raise or drape a flag of a different group next to the flag which is to unify us. You have done nothing but to signal division in our union.

The time is upon US to open our minds and bring back morals, values and ethics to our nation. Support Tamiko For President.

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