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 I Hear You! Do You Hear Me?

Hello everyone. I appreciate your replies and discussions to the posts and videos and I would like to respond to some of the questions and comments made.

Who is Tamiko?

I am not a politician and I am not a celebrity. You don’t know who I am. This is true for many of you.  I am the person you see walking to the mailbox, at the gas station, or at the grocery store.  I am being stonewalled by the media outlets when reaching out to them. The problem is that the major media outlets have chosen their side, and that side is either Republican or Democrat. No one else exists outside of their political bubble, so the voting population never actually sees all of the choices. Few are able to make an informed decision on who they feel is best for this Country. We end up voting for the “lesser of two evils”. 

It is because of this media bias that this great country is in the dilemma it is. It’s why our country is having such an identity crisis that we are now tearing ourselves apart from within. The Candidates which the media is “allowing” you to see won’t actually do anything to fix the issues we are dealing with and living with on a daily basis.  These politicians want the issues to remain in order to stir up the anger, the hatred, the discontent for others that have differing opinions. You see, that always leads to more money being donated to their cause. Money buys them power and with that power they can do and say whatever they want without fear of us calling them out on their lies and deceit.

 I am doing everything I can to be seen and heard, but with the media stonewalling me, I need your help to get my voice above the static. I need your help by word of mouth to your friends and colleagues. I need donations to be able to pay to get my message on the news and  media platforms. 

I have been told countless times that running for office, especially that of POTUS, is a millionaires game. That is not how it is supposed to be and this is NO GAME. Millionaires are not affected by the government’s policies like you and I. They see no need to change anything. They don’t feel the stress of having to do without because a politician decided it was a good idea to take our wages and give it away to others. That is how they choose for us to live.

Your Feedback

“The Government is not for the people by the people any longer”

“BECAUSE THEY WANT THE COMMUNIST TO TAKE OVER. That is why they are wrecking everything in America.”

“Why is he not punished for selling us out??? why is he above the law? when corruption is in our fbi? why is it tolerated?”

“Why are we letting this happen?”

“That’s why we have to stop this BS from happening!!”

“Congress on vacation [for a] full month, Planet burning up… Pass the LSD”

“Because so many of the people in the country are willing to act like puppets.”

“Why worry about something you can’t change or control, so enjoy whatever makes you happy while you can!”

This last comment above is telling you that we can’t change anything and that we don’t have the ability to change anything so accept it for what it is. I have bolded this for you to see that I hear you and understand your frustration. I am emphatically expressing to you DO NOT SETTLE. Do not give up because that is exactly what they want. I will never give up hope. I am running for President to give you the hope for a truly better tomorrow. WE need not to accept the treacherous deeds, the deceit and lies that the government, the candidates, the politicians and the media are throwing at us.

Here are some quotes that I stand by:

“If those of good intent do nothing, then we will all fall as one by one”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good women and men to do nothing”

“I stand with you because I am your neighbor ” We The People” and I stand “For The People”

“By The People” Is you choosing to put me in office to be your voice. I need your help to get into office so I can turn back the freight train of destruction facing our future and that of the next generations. Please donate to get me there. Amen !!!

“The Time Is Upon Us” Please stand with me by making a donation to Tamiko For President and lets no longer just except the scraps that these career politicians are offering us.

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