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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Is Non-Negotiable

You, like I, work tirelessly everyday to keep our heads above water. Keeping our rent & mortgage paid, food on the tables, safety of our family and friends and peace of mind for our next day and all the days to follow. We rely upon the Politicians and the President to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They swore an oath but have continually failed to do one thing, that is to secure our borders. Our great country brings in more immigrants legally to our Nation than any other in the world, so why do Politicians turn their attention away from the illegal border crossings?

The influx of illegal immigrants has caused a strain on our country and its people. Politicians don’t feel the effect of this like you and I since they live in gated communities. Their children attend private schools, they are paid a salary that compensates them for every living expense, chauffeurs, car payments, golden parachute retirement plans and a lifetime health care package that none of us can afford. This is why they talk about fixing the problem at the border, but never make it a priority and don’t actually intend to do anything about it.

What politicians won’t tell you is they want the border to remain a crisis. This allows them to use it as a weapon to anger people, whip their constituents up into a frenzy so they will donate to their campaign all the while never having any intention of actually doing anything about it.

The open borders have done nothing but show the world that we can’t protect our own. Everyday that the politicians do nothing is another day that American citizens are denied care at a hospital due to overcrowding of illegal immigrants in the facility, another day our children are not able to learn due to overcrowding in our schools, another day that women and children are being enslaved by cartels in human trafficking rings, another day that drugs, weapons and disease flow across our borders unchecked.

 I visited the border in El Paso and spoke with agents from Border Station #1 Hondo. These are hardworking, patriotic, passionate people who put their life on the line daily to do one thing, protect us. Yet they have been left without support from our government. They know first hand what it would take to secure our country but they are not being heard since most politicians and our president only care about staying in power. With donations and PAC money fed into their accounts based on lies, they can stay in office and that is job #1 for them. They don’t care about us or those standing on the border between us and chaos.

 I cannot fault those coming across the border looking for a better life for their family, however there are limits to what we as a country should do if we plan to put American citizens first. Both cannot be done without comprehensive reform. That process is staring us in the face but no one wants to do it. No one has the courage or determination to do it because they don’t love this country. This is why I am running for President. I have the courage. I know what greatness this country has to offer. I have the fight, the fortitude to do what is right for you, for me, for this country and for those from other countries who are willing to risk their lives to get to this great country for a better tomorrow.

Support Tamiko for President. Together we will move forward.

Although it is no longer front and center on the news channels, twitter feeds, and media sites, the problem is still there and not going anywhere. I am talking about the humanitarian crisis at our Northern and Southern borders.

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