In a perfect world, every nation would work hand in hand with its neighbor to bring out the best

admin July 29, 2023

Every election cycle, we the people are given an impossible task. We have to decide who we believe should

admin July 22, 2023

The land of opportunity has now become the land of the struggle for most Americans. What are you going

admin May 18, 2023

People, I know what racism is. I know what sexism is. I know what hate is. It reached out

admin April 25, 2023

The time is upon US to make changes for the new and for the better in taking care of

admin January 16, 2023

Tamiko files as an Independent candidate to run for President of the United States."I am a believer, follower in

admin December 2, 2022

I wrote this book to reveal truths as I understand them and as they’ve been revealed to me. For

admin January 15, 2018