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We ALL lose, when party affiliation is their god

Every election cycle, we the people are given an impossible task. We have to decide who we believe should represent us in government to not only fix the problems of today but lead us into a better tomorrow. The problem is the candidates being pushed by most major media outlets leave us wanting for more. We know that most of these candidates will actually do nothing to fix these issues we are dealing with and living with. The politicians put us in these conundrums in order to stir up their constituents with hate and anger towards others, therefore we end up voting for the lesser of the two evils in the hopes that they won’t do anything to make it worse for us.

The reason we have such limited choices is because the media groups and outlets refuse to give others candidates a voice. They are unwilling to take off their blinders to see all of the other choices available since those may not fit into their right or left agenda. They fail to see the forest through the trees. To the media and government “elite”, their politics is their religion and their party affiliation is their god.

I am an Independent thinker, one that is not constrained by or pushed into forcing any party’s agenda and thoughts on others knowing that they are not best for our country. I am your neighbor that goes through everything that most of you go through. I have the same struggles, expectations and hopes that you do. I understand what we the people need and know that I can make a difference. However, I am ignored by media and government groups because I am what they call “A No Name”. People like you and I are nobodies to them since we are not career politicians. We are not billionaires who can buy influence and control narratives. We are hard workers, people who struggle trying to make ends meet, yet they look at us as and have called us “The Deplorables”. In their eyes we don’t deserve the time to be listened to or heard. According to them we are only here to fund their wallets.

I am not a designer brand or famous name. I am you and that means I am right for the job. My name is Tamiko and I am running for President of the United States of America. I am running so that we the people have the right choice for the people this time.

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