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Is America For Sale?

The politicians, from federal down to the local level,  love to make big statements and promises that they think you want to hear. What they don’t tell you is that the costs for all these endeavors, real or fantasy, will be put on the backs of YOU and I. The other part they don’t tell you is that they may not actually believe these endeavors make sense or can even be accomplished. Their intention is to impress upon you the feel good virtue signals of their shopping lists, make us pay for it, send the money to their friends and the donors of their campaigns to “make an attempt” and then when the dust settles, nothing is actually done. We are no closer to that campaign promise, you and I are further in debt, while the United States goes further in debt to other countries.

It is a win-win for them. They look great in the eyes of those who either don’t see what is actually happening or don’t want to acknowledge what they are actually doing since some think staying loyal to a party or business relationships are more important. Politicians and their friends get rich off of our backs, and they don’t even have to provide the voice and leadership that we have elected them for since they are rarely held accountable for their actions or for better terms, lack of action.

Help us move forward together.

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