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The Word: There Is No Other Way

Tamiko’s Book: “The Word: There is No Other Way”

I wrote this book to reveal truths as I understand them and as they’ve been revealed to me. For instance, the things we do in life, how we live and interact with others, is based upon our knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong. And it is those actions along our journey through life which shapes us, as well as those around us, for better or worse.

At times it may seem as though everyone is preyed upon, yet it is also important to remember that we can also act like predators. I think it begins to happen because we don’t want to see the truth. We narrow our focus and our perception becomes distorted and limited. We perceive what we want to see and hear, and in turn we can become blind and deaf to that which matters most in life: The Word of GOD!

I never would have thought that one particular tragedy in my life would have brought something so revelatory, so amazing into my life. This epiphany helped me see the world in an entirely new light. I was given a new beginning. And that gift, that insight is what I want to share with you. Hopefully, it will guide you and give you the same strength it has given me. As you read some of the stories in this book you will begin to understand.

– Tamiko

The Word: There is No Other Way” can be purchased through Amazon – Available in English and Spanish versions.

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