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In The Trenches Together.

In The Trenches Together. Together, Americans Will Move Forward!

People, I’m in the trenches with you. I’m your next door neighbor walking to the mailbox. You may see me as I pull up to Safeway, Raleys or your local supermarket. I know the cost of milk and the cost of bread. Let’s not even talk about toilet paper. I walk past the empty shelves to grab my cereal. I know the cost of eggs and how expensive my breakfast will be in the morning. Most of these career politicians don’t know what life is like living paycheck to paycheck. They are too busy pandering to lobbyist and driving up prices. I may be standing in line right behind you. Watching you scan your coupons for the prayer of some relief. It’s a shame what it costs to put dinner on our table. And when I pull up to get gas I shake my head, looking at the fuel prices as I park my car next to the pump to put the nozzle in. Stepping out of my car and closing the door. Handing a bankroll over the counter to the attendant at the gas station. (Pump Number 7 please – Thank you!). As I’m pumping my gas, I watch numbers moving up on the gas pump. I’m thinking about how what I just paid did not get me as much gas as it did last week. I’m thinking about how I am going to do this again next week? Sound familiar?

The time is upon us to make changes for the new and for the better. America and its citizens should be our primary priority. Help make our voices heard: https://tamikoforpresident.com/contribute

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